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Equus Legal provides free template equestrian agreements and horse contracts,that can be easily downloaded over a secure payment connection. Equine contracts from Equus Legal were created as Word Documents and can be easily edited. Connect with us on Facebook at
Horse Lease Agreement
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Horse Lease Agreement
Horse Lease Agreement

Downloadable Horse Lease Contract from Equus Legal

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Horse Lease Agreement

Horse Lease Agreement
Equus Legal offers a wide range of equine contracts and equestrian legal agreements. In this section, Equus Legal provides an equine contract specific to a horse lease agreement. This equine agreement form for a horse lease from Equus Legal was drafted by an equine lawyer whose specialist practise is equine law.
Equine horse lease contracts are recommended for both parties when leasing a horse. Equus Legals horse lease agreement helps to ensure that leasing a horse is a straightforward transaction. Horse lease agreements are a commonly used equine contract and are more effective when drafted by an experienced equine lawyer.
Equus Legal Horse Lease Agreement
The horse lease agreement from Equus Legal is a comprehensive equine contract. This equestrian document features the following terms and conditions :
length of lease, horse care, prohibited activities, veterinary and other expert care, insurance requirements, inspection and access, permitted riders, assignment and disputes, termination of agreement.
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